Personal Reflection and Evaluation – mid point

Currently, I have been working on building figurative sculptures around my chairs as I have been trying to the combine readymade with human attributes, such as bone and skin. I have drawn inspiration from Marina Abramovic, as she uses the human body as a medium to create an unusual and thought provoking space for the viewer. The reason behind this combination of different elements of clay bone and readymade objects  is because I want to stress the physically of the human body, and show us for what we actually are when all is said and done. We are nothing more than animals trying to create structure and idealised ways of being like the  unrealistic nature of Altruism in its truest form for example, a concept created by our society that is unattainable.

I have come to some kind of conclusion from the research that I have undertaken and the questions that I have asked various people, about what type of person displays the most altruistic qualities, how likely it is to achieve an altruistic mindset and also the particular reasons why people are likely to help. I have found that overwhelmingly, women would preference a human charity over an animal charity, whilst a lot more men would be inclined to support animals, which tells me that women might accept helping and working as a part of a community much more than men would.

I also found, particularly in the older generations that any kind of relationship that they have with a charity would have been instigated by the charity continuously pestering them.

I think that it is important for my final piece that I include anonymity as a main part of the project, as I have found that the more anonymous someone is when they do something helpful in society the closer to being altruistic that they are, as the only pleasure they can derive from doing the act comes from inside themselves and they can’t get any gratification from any source other than themselves.

I think that it is important for me to stay focused and make sure that I am testing out as many different variations for each of the sculptures as possible as even the slightest change to one object can make all of the difference.

I do think that at this point in the project there is still a lot of work that I must do if I wish to realise my final piece to its fullest potential, this just involves a lot of experimentation so that I can get all of the objects to the most harmonious place as possible, making the sculptures as effective as possible.




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