Creating the Final Installation 

After I had considered the layout of the chairs, and the final number I wanted to use – 8 chairs in a square shape with a space in the middle, so that it looks like a group of people having a conversation and interacting with each other.

The sketchbook page below shows my consideration of the layout of the chairs and how it changed and evolved over time to become what it is now.

After I had decided on a final layout for the chairs, I started to think about what I wanted the surrounding to look like. I was very keen to try to get as clear, white surroundings as I possibly could as I don’t want any of the attention to distract from the sculptures.

I bought some white lino tiles, which I played around with in the space that I had to see how many tiles I would need and what shape I would like them to make, so that I could have a white floor space for the piece.

Initially, I wanted to cover the whole floor space with tiles, however when I saw how the tiles looked with an edge to them and the chairs on top I really liked the differentiation between the piece of art and the rest of the room as the white tiles contain the piece and give it a border which I think has ultimately lifted the whole piece.

I am going to play the sound clip through speakers that will be connected to my phone for the final critique, as I think that it is important that the sound of the voices radiate through the room so that everyone has no choice but to here the sound clip, I am also keen to have the sound clip playing on a loop for the final show so that people can listen back over things and so the atmosphere of the piece is not lost if the there is a pause before the sound clip plays again.

Video explanation of why I decided to put together my final piece the way that I did. 

Overall, I am pleased with how the installation had pulled together, for the time that I had. I think that the piece now has some cohesion and clarity that it lacked before I finished the final installation and their was just 8 chairs in a space.


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