Making the right sound 

An important part of this project is the sound clip that will play on a loop along side the installation. It is crucial that the person looking at the artwork can be given some context as to why the sculptures are there and also to give some indication of how the sculptures are supposed to be interpreted. Without  the sound this would not be possible, as the recordings that I have collected of lots of different people talking about helping others and how they feel about helping others is crucial to the success of the piece and giving enough so that the viewer can try to decipher what is going on.

It is important to me that the voices that can be heard link to each of the chairs but it is the task of the person listening to the voices to try and work out which voice corresponds with which, to add to the anonymity factor of the project, that nobody will get recognition in the piece even though their voice will be used.

I used premiere pro to create the sound clips, and in the first one that I made, I had a lot of voices talking over one another with no one specific voice, and then there was a pause, and each of the voices would speak separately.

After reviewing my work with my Tutor we agreed that the sound clip would be a lot better if there was a constant background noise and would just come to the fore when they had something interesting to say and then it would just fade away again, to try to emulate an ongoing group discussion/ conversation, and to help breath life into each of the sculptures.

I was pleased with how this sound clip turned out as it adds cohesion to the piece and helps to create life and an atmosphere to the physical sculpture.


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